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Stewart's Glen Apartments Peoria IL

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Peoria, IL

Stewart's Glen Apartments

Welcome to Stewart’s Glen, one of the finest and most affordable residential communities offering quality two bedroom apartments for rent in Peoria, Illinois. This is more than just apartment living - it's the feeling of being at home. Stewart's Glen holds a special place in my heart. It's situated right in the heart of Peoria, Illinois but it manages to keep that charming country vibe alive with its large, wide-open areas, natural wood scenery, and abundance of wildlife.




Forest views
Yard area
Duplex Units
Great location
Ravine Apartments - Townhouses in Peoria Illinois

Peoria, IL

Ravine Apartments

What sets Ravine quality three bedroom apartments for rent in Peoria, Illinois apart is that, despite its peaceful setting, it offers all the convenience of city living. With easy access to downtown Peoria, retail shopping centers, grocery stores, and local restaurants, residents truly get the best of both worlds. Ravine is truly a unique living experience and some of the most affordable apartments in Peoria, Illinois - a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life without sacrificing convenience.




Townhouse layout
Ravine landscape
Patios or decks
Great location

Friendly Staff

"Friendly Faces at Stewart's Glen Apartments"

The welcoming staff at Stewart's Glen Apartments, with quality apartments for rent in Peoria, IL, is incredibly friendly and helpful. From the moment I inquired about the availability of their spacious two and three bedroom apartments for rent to when I moved into my new home, they made me feel valued. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that residents' needs are met and genuinely cares about building community.

More About Stewart's Glen

"Quality Houses for Rent to Call Home in Peoria"

Stewart's Glen

$600 - $700 Per Month


Stewart's Glen & Ravine Apartments boasts a range of comfortable and stylish units including two bedroom apartments in Peoria IL to fit any lifestyle. From cozy and affordable two-bedroom apartments to spacious three-bedroom townhomes, each unit is designed with plenty of natural light. Residents can enjoy comfortable and home-like living at a great price.


$650 - $870 Per Month

1-3 Bedrooms

Ravine apartments are a residential complex consisting of one to three-bedroom units including spacious 3 bed apartments in Peoria IL located in a peaceful, wooded area. These Ravine apartments offer a serene and tranquil living environment surrounded by nature. The apartments are designed to provide comfortable and roomy living spaces for individuals and families.

A front seat to nature at Stewart's Glen

Wooded Areas

Hiking Trails

Yard Area

Family Owned

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Amazing Place to Grow

I resided there for numerous years, and my family members also made it their home at different times. Undoubtedly, it's the most cost-effective place to live in! Since every unit has its own yard, it gives you a feeling of owning a house. I appreciate all the wonderful memories it gave me!

B. Travis

Smooth Transition

This place feels like home! By the way, any negative reviews you might see were likely written by people who didn't pay their rent on time or got evicted for being messy and neglectful tenants. The management here has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to uncleanliness in the apartments.

R. Volk

Zero Problems

Living here was an absolute pleasure! The staff was extremely friendly, and the rent was reasonable. They promptly addressed my concerns, and the outdoor areas were always well-maintained. I enthusiastically recommend this place!

C. Hoffman

We love our new apartment!

This is hands down the best apartment complex in Peoria when it comes to affordability and value. I never had to wait for maintenance to show up when I needed them, and Kathy was awesome in helping me with anything I needed. The whole place is well taken care of, and it's clear the owners take pride in their family business. I feel lucky to have lived here!

R. Franklin

Passionate about helping people settle into their new apartment at Stewart's Glen.

Olivia Kirkman

They Choose Us...

Our Amazing Residents in Peoria Houses for Rent

Our residents in our quality two bedroom apartments in Peoria IL are fantastic because they create a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and respected. They take pride in their apartment homes and work hard to maintain clean and comfortable living environments. They also contribute to the overall well-being of the community by being responsible and considerate neighbors. We are grateful for their presence and the positive energy they bring to our Peoria community every day.

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2 story units
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